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My muse has been affected by sex pollen! They’re uncontrollably horny, 20x as sensitive, and… tied to a chair. How does your muse deal with this?

You could just leave them there… but that would be cruel~

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Monitors blared their high pitch tones as doctors worked at a frantic pace on the blue man before them. Er doctors had seen the worst of things and even being a non human they were trying to safe the life of the elf who was barely hanging on. Blood oozed from lacerations along his body one jagged cut and gravel marks on his face where he had hit the ground hard. The day had started with a fun time, friends, drinking and nothing but light hearts and happy words. A normal summer night among fellow hero’s, ones that all knew the acrobat and kept pushing one drink after another n him knowing he could handle.

Of course his lover was there, dressed to the nines and getting as much attention as the elf did. Flirting was not uncommon and both knew how far they could go before it crossed the line of hitting inappropriate. Hips swinging the elf had been just casually meandering about before spotting the one he love lip locked with another. It hurt, it always did. The insecurities he locked away in his hear slipped through the barrier he kept up up his face twisting in pain sharply as the other looked up at him, shocked. Of course they went after him but who could catch an upset teleporter?

Gone in the streets he walked among the people ignore the few who did stop to do a double take at the upset hero tears rolling down his fuzzy cheeks uncaring of who saw his pain. It was all an accident, a moment later on the sidewalk he would have been alright, a second sooner the car would have missed him entirely. But, the elf was not so lucky, stepping back into the street to cross it telling the one who grabbed him to stop it hit him before he could see it, before he could teleport.

A body slammed by a car going thirty five then with an abrupt stop had impact trauma that was some of the worst Er doctors saw, but it was a regular occurrence. They were yelling, barking orders as he flat lined his clothes barely ripped off his body to try and compress the damages to very mortal flesh.

"Charge!" One shock, body jolting no response. "Charge!" A second, still no response. "Charge!" Three then they went back to trying to manually getting his lungs back up and working not giving up yet. No they did not give up even as his eyes did not open and the flatline blared louder then the other beeps.

Dick had been out, doing some trivial business that he couldn’t bother to remember now. He had spotted an ambulance and frowned at the thought of anyone needing medical attention. Looked like a car had hit someone…wait. Was that blue—was that blue fur?! His heart practically stopped and he dropped whatever he was holding. The tail had confirmed it. That was Kurt, that was definitely Kurt. The ambulance sped off to the hospital and Dick chased as fast as he could, even though he had no hope of matching the speed. 

Out of breath and shaking with nerves, he hurriedly asked had his friend been brought in, and he ran towards the operating room, even though they stopped him from going in. He was made to sit down on a nearby bench. 

By then he was crying into his palms and on the verge of a panic attack to the point that someone asked him if he needed medical attention himself. He couldn’t lose him, too. He couldn’t lose one of his best friends. He just couldn’t.



"…You’re unfair."



"I’m being totally fair~ It’s hot~"

"No, no, definitely unfair."



"It’s too hot in here… Don’t you think?"

"…You’re unfair."

notoriousredhood asked: ""Jason has died." (( mainverse ))"

Dick dropped whatever he was holding and froze. Stopped breathing. Stop seeing. His vision became blurry and his feet felt as though the ground had been ripped right from underneath his toes. He chocked on his words, small gasps and strained noises clawing their way through. No, no, no….no, Jason wasn’t dead. Jason couldn’t be dead. His husband wasn’t dead. The love of his life wasn’t dead. He was fine, he’d just said so a few minutes ago over the phone.

"No…" He shook his head, his voice scratching his own throat. "You’re lying…" Tears flooded the rims of his eyes and sent a dreadful burn throughout his skin.

You’re lying!”

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"…..has died." finish it in my ask.

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"What did I do to deserve such an angel?"

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Damn, i’m lucky.”

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