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when you send a reply that you know is gonna kill your partner


Dying rp Starters
  • "Stay with me. Come on, just a little longer."
  • "You're gonna be fine, okay? You... You'll be fine."
  • "No. Oh, no. No no no. This can't happen. No. You can't die."
  • "Shush, just concentrate on staying awake, okay? Don't sleep."
  • "Oh my god... Don't give up! You can't give up!"
  • "You can make it through this. I know you can. Y-you have to..."
  • "Where did they shoot you!? Where did they sh-- Oh... Oh, god... Oh please no..."
  • "The doctor explained everything to me... I... I can't just let you go like this. I need you."
  • "Oh, god. Please be alive. Please still be alive."
  • "There's nothing they can do. I-- I'm so sorry."
  • "No. They're wrong. They're wrong, okay? You're not gonna die."
  • "Please, fight this. You have to fight it. You have to live."
  • "Don't die... Don't die on me. Please..."
  • "Listen to my voice, okay? I need you to stay with me. I'm bringing you to the hospital."
  • "I wish I could tell you everything was going to be fine..."
  • "Come on, now. You've lived through worse than this. Just... Just live through this too."
  • "I'm so sorry I let this happen to you."

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a detailed list of things i hate

  • hot weather
  • high temperatures
  • heat
  • warmer than average conditions

(( both of my parents are snoring and I’m scared of my second year of college and I’m just

Awake ))

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do it bitches



"It’s very important.~”


"It’s the day you were born."


"You’re such a dork~"

"Yeah, but I’m your dork.”

thefallenacrobat asked: "Dick had been planning to do this for Jason's birthday regardless of whether or not the house was finished, but since it was it was even better. He'd had to wake up especially early to go get his present. He'd already talked to the previous owner a while beforehand and had bought everything to take care of it as well. Sneaking out of bed was difficult with Jason right beside him, but he did manage it, and had the little fluffy bundle of joy sitting at the foot of the bed that morning. "Jason~""




Something wasn’t right, but he wasn’t fully aware of that. The only sign of that feeling was the small frown that curled on his lips while he slept, a direct result of the cold empty bed beside him. So his sleep was shallow and restless until he heard Dick’s voice, at which point his eyelids fluttered but didn’t open. “Mn…”

"Jason~ Wake up~" He gently patted his husband’s legs with a laugh. "I have a surprise for you~" He didn’t know how long the puppy would behave, standing there with its tiny tail wagging away with excitement. Dick had no idea how long he had before the cute little thing started barking.

Jason just let out a groan and rolled over to bury his face in the pillow. Unless that surprise was a pot of coffee and breakfast, it wasn’t likely he would be waking up soon. Then again, he didn’t know Dick had a puppy in the room.

"C’mon, birthday boy~" He patted Jason’s legs a little harder. "Don’t you wanna see what I got you? I’m gonna make you breakfast~" He’d planned on making it before Jason got up, but he hadn’t actually had the time.